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Nhật Ký Nghề Bay

Nhật Ký Nghề Bay
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Nhật Ký Nghề Bay - The Airport Diary

Since relocation to Chek Lap Kok in 1998, passenger traffic at Hong Kong International Airport has increased threefold in twenty-five years. And Yeung Sheung-wai, who started out as a clerk, has been promoted to IAC Duty Manager. He is tasked with overseeing the operations of the airport. Sheung-wai also has a contingent of amicable partners, including his assistant-cum-admirer Fong Ho-yee, Lui Chi-shan – who handles airport passenger services – Chan Kit – who takes care of aviation security – and Lee Sing-cheung, who is responsible for apron services. They collaborate to assist in dealing with all kinds of incidents that take place at the airport. Sheung-wai keeps in touch with his ex-wife Cheung Yeuk-ling, Metro Harbour Airlines Airport Supervisor. Actually, they still think of each other after their divorce. The duo’s relationship is rekindled when airline captain Kwok Kai-kwong and flight attendant Ko Nga-man turn up.

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Nhật Ký Nghề Bay